AFTER OCEANIC is the legal entity representing the nimble next-generation, activist-driven studio social practice of artist-architect Sean Connelly, working among the realms of architecture, landscape, infrastructure, and art to address dynamic human geographies today.

With a mission to help transform history and observation to navigate justice-advancing futures—AFTER OCEANIC maintains an aesthetic and egalitarian vision to help advance the recovery of oceanic (holographic) systems, with a focus that is ecological, economic, and technologic in scope.

From building to cosmos—material, information, energy, and time are planetary ecosystems humans have evolved to honor and replicate.


Project Index

AFTER OCEANIC archives the artistic production of Sean Connelly by means of its economy:

(1) studio-driven work
(2) curated work
(3) collaborative client projects

Collaborative client projects and curated works are generally pioneered with some reference to the outcomes of the artist’s independent studio-driven work.

The artist work identified as studio-driven is conceptually indexed throught the interior theoretical research laboratory HI-ATLAS, which names the space of Sean Connelly's artistic social practice in architecture.

The proto-form of HI-ATLAS, or HAWAII FUTURES is the original chapter withn the artist’s larger theoretical new media anthology. HI-ATLAS is the independently radical academic pursuit of an architectural history of Hawai‘i, or an applied theory of ahupua‘a.

or internal works produced through HI-ATLAS

[Project] [Year]
Africa-Pacific 2014 -
O‘ahu 2450 2019 -
Hawai‘i Futures 1 2010 -
Ala Wai Centennial 2017 -
Hydraulic Islands 2014 -

or works overseen by a curator

[Project] [Year]
A Small Area of Land 2,4 2013
Land Division 3,4 2014
Thatched Assembly with Rocks 5 2017
Three Houses 2017
Waterway 2018
Island Approach (Canoe Swing) 2018

or works in service of an organization 

Malama Loko Ea Foundation 
Consuelo Foundation
Hui Malama I Ke Ala Ulili (huiMAU)